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 Basic Terms That You Will Hear Frequently During Gaming Sessions

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PostSubject: Basic Terms That You Will Hear Frequently During Gaming Sessions   Wed Nov 19, 2008 4:09 am

1D20, 2D12, 3D10, ect...- This term is used for the many different dice used in a RPG game. The "D" stands for die, the number before the "D" is how many you need to roll and the number after the "D" is how many sides the die has. Example: If your told to roll 3D10, then you are being asked to roll 3 10 sided dice.

Bonus or Penalty- This is the bonus or penalty that you will recieve, normally from armor or weapons. When rolling dice to make skill or ability checks, this will be added in after rolling and will alter your die roll results. This number will have a + or - and a number that follows.

Skill or Ability Checks- Almost everything you do in D-20 style play will require a die roll to determine the outcome. This is called making a skill or ability check.

Difficulty Class or more commonly heard (DC)- In a gaming session, you will almost always have to roll dice to determine the outcome of what your attempting to do. The GM will set a dificulty for what your trying to do. This is known as the Difficulty Class or DC. Your roll for the check, plus any bonuses or penalties, need to add up to equal or better than the set DC. If it does, then you have succeeded in your task. If the result is lower than the DC, then you fail the task you were trying to preform.

Core Abilities- Each character has 6 core abilities. These include: Strength, Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma, Constitution and Dexterity. These measure your character's abilities in these areas.

Ability Scores and Ability Modifiers- These are the two different numbers that follow your core abilities on your stat sheet. They will look similar to this: 11/+1. The number before the slash represent how good your character is in that ability. The higher the number is, the better they are. The number after the slash is a bonus or penalty given to that ability based on systematic table printed in the Core Rulebook. The higher your ability score gets, the better bonus you will recieve for that ability.

Skills- Skills are pretty self explanitory. These are skills that you have either learned or might learn in the future. Each skill is directly tied into one of your core abilities, meaning that the bonus or penalty that you recieve when making a skills check will be determined by the bonus or penalty for the core ability for that particular skill. Example: The skill Acrobatics is tied to the core ability Dexterity. If you are trying to front flip over an enemy, you will roll for the acrobatics skill and add your dexterity modifier to the roll.

Abilities- Abilities are pretty self explanitory. These are abilities that your character either posseses or might learn in the future.

Features- Features or Feats. are special gifts that you can gain and use in game that will make your character different from all other characters.

Rolling a Natural 20- Rolling a natural 20 means that a roll on a D20 comes up 20, no bonuses or penalties applied.

Rolling a Natural 1- Rolling a natural 1 means that a roll on a D20 comes up 1, no bonuses or penalties applied.

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Basic Terms That You Will Hear Frequently During Gaming Sessions
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