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 Bothan Species

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PostSubject: Bothan Species   Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:57 am

Descriptin- Native to the planet Bothawui, these short, fur-covered humanoids have had hyperspace travel for thousands of years. Bothans use information as a measure of wealth and power, even wielding it as a weapon when necessary. The Bothan SpyNet, one of the largest intelligence agencies during most eras, plays an important role in the Galactic Civil War.

Culturally, Bothans don't believe in direct conflict because it destroys people, material, and even information. They prefer behind-the-scenes manipulation, watching and waiting for information that they can use to gain status and influence. This attitude makes espionage a natural part of their culture. While others often find Bothans to be manipulative and irritating, no one wants to lose access to their SpyNet. As a result, nearly all groups have at least some contact with the Bothans.

Personality- Bothans are curious, manipulative, crafty, suspicious, and even a bit paranoid. They can be irritating, but they are also loyal and brave.

Physical Description- Bothans are covered with fur that ripples in response to their emotional state. They have tapered ears, and both male and female Bothans sport beards. They average about 1.6 meters tall and have a maturity rate and life span slightly greater than Humans.
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Bothan Species
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