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 Cerean Species

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PostSubject: Cerean Species   Wed Nov 26, 2008 7:38 am

Description- Cereans are a sophisticated and cultured humanoid species native to the planet Cerea, a world on the fringes of known space. Their elongated heads distinguish them from most other humanoid species.

Cereans established contact with the rest of the galaxy shortly before the Galactic Republic was transformed into the Empire, swiftly gaining fame as expert astrogators, cryptographers, and economists. Few patterns or trends escape the notice of a Cerean.

Cerean society is matriarchal, and the Cerean culture's traditional values emphasize living in harmony with nature and minimizing any impact on the environment from technology. The peaceful philosophies of the Jedi appeal to Cereans, and many join the Order.

Personality- Cereans tend to be calm, rational, and extremely logical.

Physical Description- Cereans average about 2 meters tall, with elongated craniums housing binary brains. They have a maturity rate and life span similar to those of Humans.
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Cerean Species
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