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 Duros Species

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PostSubject: Duros Species   Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:03 am

Description- Tall, hairless humanoids from the Duro system, Duros were one of the first species to become a major influence in the Galactic Republic, and many respected scholars credited the Duros with creating the first hyperdrive. The Duros have a natural affinity for space travel, possessing an innate grasp of the mathematical underpinnings of astrogational computations. Many tales are swapped in cantinas about Duros astrogators calculating the coordinates for supposedly impossible jumps in their heads. Although not as numerous as Humans, the Duros are almost as omnipresent; all but the smallest settlements in known space feature Duros populations.

The Duros species has existed on other worlds in isolation from the rest of their kind, evolving in slight different directions from the baseline species. The most populous and well-known near-Duros species are the Neimoidians, a people rarely encountered during the Rebellion era.

Personality- A Duros tends to be intense and adventurous, always seeking to learn what's at the end of the next hyperspace jump. They are a proud, self-sufficient, fun-loving people who also have a tendency toward gregariousness.

Physical Description- Duros average about 1.8 meters tall. They are hairless, with large eyes and wide, lipless mouths. Skin color ranges from blue-gray to deep azure.
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Duros Species
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