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 Ewok Species

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PostSubject: Ewok Species   Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:23 am

Description- Intelligent omnivores native to one of the moons orbiting Endor, Ewoks are almost unknown prior to the battle of Endor. Ewoks live in tree-dwelling tribes with gender-based divison of labor; males hunt, forage, and make weapons, while females raise their young and handle other domestic tasks. Ewok culture revolves around complex animistic beliefs involving the giant trees of the forest moon. Although they are technology primitive, Ewoks are clever, inquisitive, and inventive. Skittish and wary when first introduced to machines, their curiousity soon overcomes fear.

Personality- Ewoks tend to be curious, supersticious, and courageous, though they can be fearful around things that are strange and new.

Physical Desciption- Ewoks average about 1 meter tall. Their fur color and patterns varies widely.
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Ewok Species
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