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 Kel Dor Species

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PostSubject: Kel Dor Species   Wed Dec 03, 2008 3:53 am

Description- The Kel Dor evolved on Dorin, a world with an atmosphere consisting mostly of helium and a gas that is unique to that world. As such, Kel Dor cannot breathe on planets with common nitrogen/oxygen atmospheres. Conversely, Dorin's atmosphere is toxic to most nonnative life.

On other planets, Kel Dor dwellings provide their native atmosphere which are stored in large tanks. When outside, Kel Dor must wear breath masks and goggles. They can neither see nor breathe without these devices. Most Kel Dor breath masks include vocorders that amplify the wearer's speech; while their vocal cords function normally in their native atmosphere, Kel Dor must shout to produce sound in other environments. Their eyesight, however, is enhanced when they are away from Dorin.

Personality- Calm and kind, the Kel Dor never turn away a being in need. Still, most believe in quick, simple justice (even if it means engaging in vigilantism).

Physical Description- The average Kel Dor stands between 1.6 and 2 meters tall. Their skin ranges from peach to deep red, and most have black eyes.
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Kel Dor Species
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