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You have come face to face with your destiny... It shows you two different paths... Only you can help restore order throughout the galaxy... Which path will you embrace? Choose your Destiny and join the Dark Brotherhood and create your role in the galaxy.
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 One of such theme can be a butterfly garden.

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PostSubject: One of such theme can be a butterfly garden.   Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:01 pm

Every garden reflects the individuality of its owner. Garden themes, decided by the discerning garden owner is given shape by the garden planners. The garden themes generally display the familys favorite thoughts or concepts. They can be a mood or longing for certain place or aesthetic work and even a tribute to a dear one. The gardens have different reasons for different people and these reasons give rise to different garden themes.

The theme of the garden can always be seasonal. The seasonal garden themes show ones liking for a particular season.

* As Spring is the season of flowers, spring garden concentrates on early flowers -- fruit trees, spring bulbs, and early-flowering perennials. Such garden themes ensure bloom early in the year. A spring garden also attracts resident and migrating birds, luring them with insects that flock to the early flowers.

* Summer gardens focus on blossoming plants, and become a brilliant color show during the mid-summer season. Vacation homes often have this type of landscape.

* Autumn gardens include flowers but contain mostly foliage that take on striking colors during the fall season.

* Winter garden is usually interesting year-round. During the season the framework is clear, having no foliage or flowers to compete or obscure it. A Winter garden theme appeals to the rock lover, the vine grower and a person who appreciates the stark elegance of black-and-white photographs as well as privacy.

Seasonal garden themes reflect the personality and the taste of the garden lover and owner. With the varying taste one may also prefer a garden theme that is alive at certain times of the day. For example, Evening gardens use lighter colors, intense fragrance, strategic lighting, lacy foliage against the sky, and other elements that provide a interesting view during dusk and darkness.

Garden themes can also be selected on the basis of the plants or the animals one likes or dislike. One of such theme can be a butterfly garden. Many people prefer water gardens as the sound of the falling water is pleasant to the ears. The increasing demand for shade gardens or patio gardens reflects the growing popularity and demand for thematic gardens.

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One of such theme can be a butterfly garden.
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