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 After 4-6 weeks of the plant having been growing

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PostSubject: After 4-6 weeks of the plant having been growing   Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:27 pm

Spring revives our spirits and we in turn need to revive our gardens in spring. You might worry about the odd gust of cold wave that might still harm your garden which you have so religiously worked on for the spring. The best thing in such a scenario is to start some seeds inside your home. A soil less mixture is best to start the seeds and you wouldn't have any problems finding it in any nursery close to you.

The important thing to be considered here is the space that each seed gets to grow. It is always a good idea to plant the seed in two inch rows and to give adequate space for each seed to germinate. Keep in mind that your seeds should be planted in a shallow, well draining container. This helps in proper sapling formation. Remember to place your seeds in a warm and moist place. A ready solution to provide moisture would be to place a thin plastic covering on the container.

Getting ready for spring gardening might appear at the outside to be a very rigorous exercise but if you don't take the requisite precautions then all your efforts can go waste. Also the satisfaction of having a blooming spring garden is definitely unbeatable. Coming back to the seeds that you have started, once they start to grow make sure that they are able to get the maximum possible light.

After 4-6 weeks of the plant having been growing, make them ready for transplanting by hardening. Hardening is a process where the transplants get a feel of a place where they will be growing. This way acclimatizing the transplants is always a good idea. Keep in mind that you will get the best results if you transfer the transplants to the soil in the morning and on a cloudy day (preferably). Also make sure that the area around the transplants is moist.

We've talked a lot about the seeds now we need to talk about the garden as well. The lawn needs to be moved and all the thatch which might have accumulated since the fall needs to be removed. This thatch can take away the nutrients etc from the plants which will be planted. Also the lawn should be mowed and all the wild weeds and tangled dry grass with live grass need to be extracted. This could be a great time to supply your lawn with fertilizer if you feel it needs a feeding. As the spring signifies a fresh start so should your garden for the soon to be put in transplants.

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After 4-6 weeks of the plant having been growing
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