The Dark Brotherhood

You have come face to face with your destiny... It shows you two different paths... Only you can help restore order throughout the galaxy... Which path will you embrace? Choose your Destiny and join the Dark Brotherhood and create your role in the galaxy.
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 Eleazar Wheelock

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PostSubject: Eleazar Wheelock   Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:16 pm

Eleazar Wheelock (April 22, 1711 April 24, 1779) was an American Congregational minister, orator, educator, and founder of Dartmouth College.

He was born in Windham, Connecticut to Ralph Wheelock and Ruth Huntington. He is the great-grandson of the first teacher of the first free school in the United States (see Dedham, Massachusetts), The Rev. Ralph Wheelock. In 1733, he graduated from Yale College having won the first award of the Dean Berkeley Donation for the distinction in classics. He continued his theological studies at Yale until he was licensed to preach in May 1734, and installed as pastor of the Second Congregational Church of Lebanon, Conn. in February 1735. He served as their minister for 35 years. On April 29, 1735, he married Sarah Davenport. He participated fully and enthusiastically in the Great Awakening, which had begun to sweep the Connecticut River Valley around the time of his graduation from Yale. He was one of its greatest proponents in Connecticut, serving as the "chief intelligencer of revival news".

Wheelock, Vermont is named in his honor. It is located in Caledonia County, Vermont.

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Eleazar Wheelock
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