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You have come face to face with your destiny... It shows you two different paths... Only you can help restore order throughout the galaxy... Which path will you embrace? Choose your Destiny and join the Dark Brotherhood and create your role in the galaxy.
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 Getting your Character Created and Your Adventure Started

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Draco Korr
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PostSubject: Getting your Character Created and Your Adventure Started   Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:00 am

You only need to do a few things in order to get started in the Dark Brotherhood.

1) Click the register button and follow the prompts to register on this site.

2) Send a PM to Draco Korr (Forum Administator), and let him know that you are interested in joining our community. Include, if you would please, a bit of information on your roleplaying, star wars or gamemastering experience.

3) Access the memberlist by clicking the memberlist button located in the header just below the site's title.

4) Scroll down and locate your name and click on it.

5) Alter what you can and want here, but at the very bottom of the screen, you will see a button that says Generate Stat Sheet... Click on this and you will see that you will now have a blank Stat Sheet for your character.

6) At the present, you may have to contact Draco Korr to help you create your character for roleplaying. Do NOT be afraid to ask for help in the character creation process, we don't mind helping at all. If you have a copy of the Star Wars Roleplaying Core Rulebook and would like to create your own character, this is fine but a Forum Administartor MUST be notified when it is complete and posted so that it can be looked over.

7) A Forum Administrator will then approve your Stat Sheet and send you a PM stating that you are ready to begin playing. If your stats have been denied, then you will be given a list of things that need to be changed in order to begin playing. We will be keeping an eye on your sheet. When the changes have been made, we will then send you a PM informing you that you are ready to begin RPing.

If you have any questions, do NOT be afraid to contact an Admin for help.
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Getting your Character Created and Your Adventure Started
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